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Uniden UNI119 Low Loss Cable 3 ft

$USD 32
"Uniden UNI-119 Brand New, The Uniden UNI119 is a 3 ft high grade 5D-FB coaxial ultra low loss cable. This cable is perfect for connecting your repeater to your internal or exte...
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Naphon A-560 Mini Voice Amplifier

$USD 66
"Naphon A-560, Item # 617746 The Naphon Mini (#A-560) voice amplifier produces a highly consistent performance. This is due to an integrated sound box within the amplifier mecha...
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Wilson Electronics 859935 3 dB Attenuator

$USD 42
"Wilson 859935 Brand New, The Wilson 859935 is a 3 dB attenuator that comes with N-Female connectors. 859935 Features: Product # 859935, 3 dB Attenuator, 800 MHz To 1900 MHz Ban...
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Uniden UNI322 N Female to N Female Adapter

$USD 27
"Uniden UNI-322 Brand New, The Uniden UNI322 is a perfect adapter for switching from an FME male connection to an N-type female connection. This adapter works with all male N-ty...
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Wilson Electronics 859957 Broadband Splitter

$USD 61
"Wilson 859957 Brand New, The Wilson 859957 Super Splitter allows you to split the signal from an amplifier to two internal antennas with negligible signal loss. The splitter co...
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Wilson Electronics 952300 100 feet Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable

$USD 93
"Wilson 952300 Brand New, The Wilson 952300 is a 100 ft WILSON400 ultra low-loss coax cable with N-Male connectors on both ends. This high quality LMR400 equivalent cable allows...